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sarcasme et the, chauds by Inkerbel sarcasme et the, chauds by Inkerbel
Cornelius stumbled into the dining room. Mother was pointedly buttering bread, ignoring his soft groans as each hoof-fall rebounded off the top of his skull. Augustus looked perfectly fresh, rot his eyes, not a hair out of place, avidly reading a Gaulish fashion journal. Delmon sipped from his tea, an arched brow his only acknowledgement of Cornelius' staggering entrance.

As he whimpered his way into the chair, carefully sweeping his tail to the side, Phineas placed a teacup before him & poured out. Cornelius sighed and wrapped his hands around the rapidly warming Chin cup gratefully.

"What time of the day do you call this, then?" Cornelius wheezed, feeling his eyeballs bounce as every beat of his heart tried to make his brain explode. Phineas finished pouring and set the sugar bowl next to his elbow with a crisp click.

"Och, Ah believe tha rest o' the people in this residence call it lunchtime, or 'dejeuner' in the Gaulois, sarr." the griffin eased out of the room with a fillip of his wings as everyone else at the table started laughing. Augustus howled, covering his face with his magazine, Maeve slapped the table in helpless mirth while Delmon roared, huge white fangs shining in his broad black face.

Cornelius winced at the racket and sipped carefully at his tea.

"Hateful, heartless villains, the lot of you." he muttered, as the sugared tea traced a path of warmth to his knotted stomach.
mamamoonie Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
*pops an eyebrow @ Cornelius & hands him Auntie Moonie's Certain Cure for Hangovers*

drink...or I'll scream.
Inkerbel Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010
*Cornelius takes the cup carefully from your hands and whimpering, knocks it back, shudders violently & sighs* Ancestors bless you...I might live...
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